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Sales Funnels For Affiliate Marketing – Do They Work?

Got a new video for you today in an effort to help you with your affiliate marketing efforts.

If you’re not familiar with affiliate marketing, it’s a simple digital marketing strategy where you can start making money without building a product.

Instead, you’re referring products to others for a percentage of the sale just like a straight commissioned salesperson.

This video will shine a light on how to properly use sales funnels with tools like Kartra or Clickfunnels to get the absolute most from your marketing efforts.

Business Integrate Local Lead Generation with Social Media

Well, you’ve been hearing and participating in social media for years.

You’ve spent time and money to get more shares, likes and followers.

However, likes don’t equal sales or cash, and Facebook owns these likes.

Not you.

When managing a social media account for your business, don’t just focus on getting likes, comments and shares. It’s pointless to have a huge following that you can’t easily convert to sales.

As such, you need to focus the page on generating leads and not followers. But, how do you effectively do local lead generation with your social media accounts?

Connect Social Media and Lead Generation

Lead generation entails driving people into your sales funnel. Don’t confuse it with selling; they are two distinct things.

Lead generation is more like gathering intelligence on your potential buyers. You will need to do the conversion to transfer these leads to sales.

In this process, you need to know the following:

  • What your target audience likes
  • The products you can effectively sell to your target audience
  • The pain points of your market
  • How to convert these leads to sales.

In the past, lead generation was all about sending out surveys through the mail or filling a form on a magazine.

However, with the use of internet social media, lead generation process has dramatically changed for the better.

Today, it’s a gated content, email opt-ins and video marketing.

All these are aimed at getting potential clients into your sales funnel. The use of an online platform makes it easier for you to track the data you receive.

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to market your local spa or if you’re trying to sell your investment property for your real estate investing business.

Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook makes it even easier to generate leads.

And leads is the name of the game.

Users of these sites are very generous with the information they share. Plus, more than 40 per cent of people socialise on social media than face to face.

Pick the Right Generation Channel

The mistake you can make is to generate leads from a wrong social media channel. The channel you use should be about knowing your potential clients. With over two billion users, most marketers assume that Facebook is the only platform they can generate leads.

But it may not be the case always.

Other platforms include LinkedIn and Twitter.

The platform you choose depends on the target demographic. You cannot afford to get this wrong. If you do, you will be looking at excess losses.

Here are some tips to consider when generating leads using Facebook.

To generate enough leads on Facebook, you’ll need to run a paid ad on Facebook.

The good thing is, these ads are budget friendly. These are tips to make lead generation on Facebook success. Have a look.

  • Contests

You can efficiently use freebies to generate leads in your market. Well, the only challenge is that they draw too much attention. Also, it doesn’t give you qualified leads as people are after the freebies.

Nonetheless, contests is an effective way to gather emails. Use an excellent tool to set up the contests and collect the leads you generate.

  • Create a Custom Tab

Facebook allows you to develop custom tabs on your profile, making it an adequate spot for your contact forms. Choose the best app that captures these leads without the need to send the user to a third party or external site.

To get more eyes on your tabs, link your content, ad to them when running paid ads.

  • View Your Facebook as a Website

If you want to generate leads on Facebook, you need to view it as a platform for gossip, comment and get likes. If you shift your page for lead generation, you’ll need to check the posts and comments you make on this page.

  • Ensure your page has a purpose that goes beyond branding.

Well, if you are running a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube or LinkedIn account, ensure they are helping you to generate leads for your enterprise.

Gone are the days where these sites were a platform to share and comment on gossip. You can effectively customize your channel to ensure it generates leads and facilitates in its conversion.

Remember, lead generation is about knowing your customers. You’ll need to follow the process with tools that convert the leads you create.

5 Must Have Strategies For Getting Local Clients

Venturing into business is never easy. It is hard work – it entails sleepless nights, the rising and falling of the lines in the graph, arguments here and there, and even rejections. But when you come across all of those examples and still survive – you will see that having a business is very rewarding. Because it is labor based, once you see the fruit of your labor, all will be well. NOT!

Although you’ve gone through those examples above, there is a possibility of fluctuation, that’s why you need to continue to get local clients. How do you it?


Are you familiar with the saying “A business without a sign is a sign of no business”? That is the reason why you advertise. Now before you advertise, you need to know who your target audience. According to a top Facebook Ad Agency, “knowing the target audience makes it easier to know what platform you are going to use.”

For example, you are a toy company, and you want to advertise to your clients who are kids and their parents, you can’t advertise in print, because children in general do not read the papers, what children often see is television, that’s where you advertise.

In advertising, the message you want to relay must be related to your products or services.

You Must Participate In Networking, Referrals, and Word of Mouth

Referrals don’t require any effort. As long as your product or service is exemplary, you will get referred. The good thing about referrals is that when those referred to you are pleased with your service, they will also refer other prospective customers which then create a network of referrals.

Do not be afraid to ask you clients for referrals as long as you know the product or service you’ve provided them is really good.

Make sure to stay in contact with the loyal customers, and do everything you can to reach out to newly referred ones.


No man is an island as they say. If you team up with another business with the same client as you, you can work hand-in-hand to promote each other’s businesses.

An example is a flower arrangement shop to team up with an events planner, the events planner could refer the flower arrangement shop to her clients especially during wedding season giving off discount offers, while the flower arrangement shop could promote the events planner by attaching calling cards of the events planner attached in the bouquets.

This host-beneficiary arrangement could be a one-time event, but if the partnership continues, it becomes a strategic alliance.


Host-beneficiary arrangements could last only for a while, but if the arrangement goes well and smoothly, it will become an alliance. A strategic alliance can last up to years.


Working for free will not gain you instant money; rather it will give you popularity. For example, you own a hair salon. Organizing an event that will give free haircuts to the homeless will boost your company’s good will.

The good thing about boosting the company’s good will is that unlike advertisements which come and go, the good will stays. Aside from this you will gain loyal customers. But, just as you have increased good will, so will your competitors try to keep up to you, make sure you keep your reputation flawless.

You should also take advantage of the events where media is involved. Sponsor those kinds of events and you get instant free media coverage, what a good way to get known, right?

Just keep in mind that in sponsoring events, it should be pro what you believe in.

Don’t go on sponsoring tree hugging events when your products are made mostly out of plastic.

Remember to stay true to your brand image.

Now, for some these may not work, for others these may work. But if you are really willing to grow your business, give these a try. No one was ever hurt by trying.

One last piece of advice, keep you connections. They will help you and you will help them one way or another.

Stay passionate!

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